Experimental genomics postdoc

We are seeking a postdoc to lead an NIH funded project to experimentally characterize disease-associated variants in autoimmunity using synthetic biology and genome engineering.

You: You must be an independent, motivated, creative and enthusiastic individual with a background in immunology, functional genomics, and molecular biology. You should be comfortable developing and applying functional genomic assays to primary immune cells and characterize cellular function using standard immunological approaches (flow cytometry). A general interest in making fundamental discoveries of how our genomes encode biological function would be helpful. You must be able to interact with experts in other disciplines such as computational biology and clinical sciences.

Us: We are a dynamic team based in the Institute for Human Genetics and the Institute for Computational Health Sciences at UCSF. The lab is focused on developing computational and experimental approaches to better understand how our genes interact with our environment to give rise to phenotypic diversity, especially in the context of immune traits. We collaborate heavily with technologists to adapt new techniques to generate primary large-scale population genomics datasets such as RNA-seq and ATAC-seq in bulk and single cells to study human biology with a quantitative emphasis. We have three major goals in our lab: 1) to discover genetic polymorphisms and epigenetic marks responsible for phenotypic diversity such as disease susceptibility and differential vaccine response, 2) to develop computational models based on a combination of primary data analysis and biological insights to map transcriptional regulatory circuitry, and 3) to build software tools and infrastructures to collect, analyze and share genomic datasets.


  • PhD in molecular biology, immunology, genomics or relevant field.
  • Demonstrated previous research experience through at least one first-author publication in a reputable journal.
  • Proficiency in basic molecular biology (PCR, cloning).
  • Contact: yimmieg AT gmail DOT com